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  • A small bag, take you into the fashion circle

    Do not often bring the bags to the little fairies who yo, it is not Xiaobian style, so today, Xiaobian have specifically set up his sleeves, Pa for most of the day, this is not, all kinds of beautiful bags are floating The water! To be said that thanks to this time a deep Pa, even the jelly version of the packet is also shortlisted Oh, open unhappy? Do not surprise? In the era of this bag in power, small fragrant wind jelly chain package, but the fashion circles of the king Oh! Simple and elegant Baoshen, without too much modification, wild people also let people never forget, is simply out of the concave shape of the artifact, the key is the small shape, but also look as a whole more high pressure grid! For the fun of all kinds of bags of fashionable fine who, jelly bag really kate spade sale is a cure system medicine Oh, frosted Lingge surface design, enriched our visual effects, and special chain with, it is so that we can Just change the style, is not it great?

    High-quality rotation buckle, bring us smooth and exquisite enjoyment, highlighting the unique charm of the simple design, to V pattern of modification, more bit of intellectual beauty, color and beautiful metal chain with a Children, so that our overall more eye-catching! As for the four or four of the creatures, it is our recent hot box packet, looks like a piece of the whole, but to exquisite embroidery wind embellishment, even more cute cute, bags, but also how many Kind of way to back, such as portable, or shoulder, are fried chicken feel! Out of the time, the beautiful appearance of the bag and the large capacity is just as important, so this retro handbag is both the two, the characteristics of the bag wrapped bag, breaking the overall sense of boring, and small details of the modification And just right, but also on the shoulder Oh, is not very convenient! Simple shape, the use of two colors of the collision, so that the overall more Aspect, the color comparison of low-key, giving kate spade bags a high degree of luxury atmosphere, every inch of elegant temperament! Whether it is soft girl or female Han paper, I believe will love!

    Sweet to greasy girl heart, so you simply can not afford ah! Use color and strap design, blingbling girl heart. Hin has a recognizable square rainbow rivets, like a cake above the cream flower decoration, plus a touch of blue and pink together, like a piece of French pastry, especially want to lick! Although the name of the name of the mini, but the shape of small people, but not a small Oh, solid color surface to Ling grid lines of the division, so that the overall highly recognizable, and the package of bright color ring modification, it is eye-catching Very much, give us the overall extra points can be lost more than one!

    2017-06-23 11:39:55
  • A little mean that this bag is the most suitable for you!

    Chest bag, that is, in the back of the bag, with a certain degree of security and convenience. The biggest advantage of the chest bag is easy to take, in the process of heavy equipment, ready to take towels, camera (portable), mobile phones, headlights, hand tables, water, fragmented food. Of course not to say that everything can be put in, but the volume is really not small. More people buy chest bag is to prevent theft. In both the premise of fashion, but also play the role of anti-theft, can be described as correct. Ladies, try it! Chest bag such bags have always been more popular, whether it is out of the street or travel, kate spade bags back a chest bag, easy and convenient, but also fashionable! It can be said that this type of bag is lazy essential Yeah, it is not suitable for people who do not like the tide of men! PU soft leather material, practical kate spade handbags wear, highlight the taste of a carefully selected zinc alloy zipper, the edge of the car suture fixed, the details can be seen, polished polished gun color joints, greatly reinforced the bag Bearing capacity, suitable for a hot summer to carry a. Fine workmanship, large capacity, seemingly small chest bag, to meet your diverse needs, portable items can be easily put, selected metal zipper, pay attention to every little detail to bring the feeling, wear resistance more slippery hard , Go home home tide package Oh!

    Waxing the first layer of leather material, the surface of the stripe clear and delicate, soft and comfortable feel, double the plating hardware coupled with leather combination, smooth zipper, a large number of large-capacity pocket device, the summer enough to receive enough goods, summer out of a package Solve all problems. The selection of high-quality leather, see the soft texture to see, clear and breathable, soft and delicate feel soft and comfortable, very flexible, glossy beautiful timeless, wear-resistant and durable kate spade handbags British style bag, this summer business people do not Two choice. Bag gives a kind of retro feeling, custom wear-resistant fabric, high-quality custom wear PU soft leather, delicate soft, distributed natural luster, filling quality! Delicate leather design, soft and soft, excellent flexibility, is your travel outside the office must have a single fashion goods. Wear-resistant package at the end, the use of the first layer of leather, good wear resistance, good cold and breathable anti-aging strong, strong load-bearing, multi-directional viewing angle, business casual random wild, back different fashion style is you This summer is an essential one.

    2017-06-22 11:32:27
  • Be a backpack woman
  • Even why she bought a package do not know, do not say you know her!
  • Refused to non-mainstream, not to reject rivets
  • Summer travel must be a single product, missing Oh can not be
  • Both strength and value of the luggage, travel in the presence of God
  • Trendy personality of the chain bag, filled with girls little secret
  • Trendy tone, package your satisfaction
  • Back shoulder bag is difficult to match clothes? There is a secret Oh!
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