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  • Small square bag status, silently by this bag beyond the

    Small square bag has been a bag of the network of red, who has not yet a ~ ~ but this year, small square package actually give way to a small package? Yes, this year a small package of fire! Said it is not the ground to the ground, show the weather vane to tell us it is now the fashion status! You want to commute the appointment of two correct, simple and plain basic to meet you. Round package in size and more compact and delicate, small round bag cute full of cute, daily out of the street is also very wild. Large simple yet retro style, a red round bag can make the overall commuter dress elegant and capable. Whether carrying or holding, chic appearance can make you become the focus of street shooting. Plain style is simple and generous, it is also very easy to match, very recommended. Some brands of circular package at the bottom made of flat, you can stand up, I feel very easy to install the immortal Meng small pacifier, small seals as elemental pacifier embellishment of the overall package, the kate spade outlet choice of two different colors together, Pacifier decorative wear resistance, easy to change color, will also enhance the style.

    In addition to the basic elements of the prime, you can also choose some more tricks, richer colors, more logo symbols, fashion is also rising. Bag exquisite printing process, removable shoulder strap, the use of reinforced hand strap design, increase the handle of the firm, not only beautiful design, with the rest assured. Has a beautiful arc, smooth and smooth. Hit color, splicing can not be less! Spread between classical and modern Athens, open your happy journey with fun illustrations and high satiety! We have written before, filled with the taste of the summer, and cool summer together with a kind of casual holiday feel ~ ~ by the favorite cat to the image of the hand-painted form to express childlike, it is exciting The Romantic fairy tale elements, printed fine exquisite, drowsome lovely, Smart meow kate spade outlet online mei seems to naughty thinking about what this. Sleepy eyes lifelike life. Fashion small round package, chocolate rabbit prints, removable oblique cross with the design, the original personalized version of the expenditure, beautiful and beautiful, add color for the bag. Can accommodate short wallet, kate spade bags sunglasses, cosmetics, mobile phones, paper towels, key condemnation and other daily necessities, you can bring all the common equipment, worry-free travel. Bamboo felt round bag, more easily deformed, but also cool with their own cooling effect. Shoulder, portable style are good, portable can choose a larger, more casual.

    2017-06-28 11:18:22
  • Practical shoulder bag, the liberation of both hands more powerful

    Fashion circles are changing, a lot of seemingly standard are replaced, said the workplace, many men began to serious serious briefcase into a more relaxed fashionable shoulder bag, not only in the storage of more powerful, shoulder bag casual Of the shape, to the overall dress temperament plus points, more young and dynamic sense of the liberation of his hands travel more convenient. Bag material selection comparable to the leather texture of the PU fabric, soft kate spade outlet online anti-wrinkle, wear practical, ad hoc headphone cable hole, intimate design easy to use, two-way zipper head, practical and convenient, with oblique side zipper embellishment, full of fashion, Portable belt bearing strong, clip cotton shoulder strap with anti-fatigue effect, large capacity inside, more storage. Fashion shoulder bag, high-quality PU leather fabric, waterproof and easy to take care of dirty, the use of needle buckle shape design, the actual to close the opening and closing, easy to use, two-way zipper head design, smooth and easy to pull, high-strength metal buckle Pieces, durable and more fashionable color, the internal compartment structure is reasonable and convenient to accommodate more items, travel essential.

    Style is a strong shoulder bag, black bag body simple low-key, with the pu cortex of color, giving a refreshing boy temperament, the bottom of the hit kate spade purses color stitching, three-dimensional sense of strong, but also very eye-catching, There is no lack of personality. Very texture of a shoulder bag, fabric with the first layer of cowhide production, wear anti-wrinkle soft and comfortable, simple shape to the main, vertical and horizontal two zipper bag design, can be placed small objects, pocket with double zipper head, pull together More arbitrary, the internal structure of a reasonable, thick computer compartment, double protection computer, suitable for office workers or student use. Trendy shoulder bag style, embossed zipper and small bag cover embellishment design, rich and stylish details, flip with double zipper design, stylish and more secure, built-in mobile power design, external charging data interface and mobile phone connection, beautiful and practical, Multi-functional inside the bag, the rules clearly more storage, travel more convenient.

    There are high-quality leather shoulder strap, into the thick care of the cotton design, uniform force to reduce the weight of the skin, the use of high-quality leather goods, Shoulder force, pocket with cortical rope cords, safe and reliable, user-friendly portable, shoulder Kua dual-use design to meet your needs. The first layer of cowhide production, careful four road car reinforcement process, stable Baoshen and the connection with the portable belt to increase the load, so that the bag more durable. Adjustable day button, can achieve fast adjustment shoulder strap length, easy to operate. Multi-compartment design to meet a variety of storage needs.

    2017-06-27 11:28:12
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