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2017 years, you do not know what style popular bag?

Each girl has several wild bags, the so-called cure is not talking about the mouth so simple, to the actual action up Caixing. This year has passed a quarter, if you still carry the street will hit the bag, it is too OUT! But then back, girls buy a package when it will be troubled by many problems, such as: buy a little more cost-effective bags out shopping travel is very practical, buy small and delicate bags and no less than some small objects , In the end is the choice of cost-effective bag or texture strong bag? This is really a headache. In fact, girls buy the package when there is the most important point is to be unique, but still can not seem strange, because like clothes to wear the same dress, girls hit the bag is also very embarrassing things! Like playing cards of girls, carrying the same pattern of bags shopping, a corner can hit a paragraph with the paragraph package, can not embarrassment it? But whether the student party or office workers, but also need a bag of their kate spade bags own, then how to choose it? We together look.

There is a part of the narrow shoulder of kate spade bags the sister is not suitable for the back of the package, although the metal chain is very stylish, and looks full of texture, but also can not avoid everyone's shoulder trouble. Of course, if you want to say that they like oblique cross, then Xiao Ming students can not stop. Want to buy a very strong texture and very beautiful bag is not difficult, this wine red handbag is very retro feelings, coupled with metal metal accessories as a match, to the entire bag to enhance a grade, spring Summer and autumn are very suitable for carrying, and the capacity is very objective, used to match the camel clothes very feeling. The color of the bag in the spring and summer season to carry in the appropriate. It can be with your IDE any clothes, wearing a shirt to bring the minutes to bring out your professional female elite temperament, wearing a dress or casual clothes will appear to be very lazy with the feeling of sex, intellectual women must have money!

Like a big bag of girls will be interested in this rivet bag, it is very fashionable feeling, the design of rivets will not only make it look very abrupt, but also look more retro, retains a dignified and generous feeling In the inside, when shopping must not be less of this bag. Small crocodile leather handbag is particularly suitable for exquisite little woman, its capacity is not large, can only put some makeup supplies and change, more suitable for the party to carry, and unique shape, so that a bag out, do not believe also Will hit! Suitable for camel clothes and shirt series. Finished bag, chain bag is also a lot of girls are very fond of a style, this bag are mostly small and exquisite and full of texture in the form of everyone in the line of sight, different styles can also let you back different gas Field, intellectual woman, career elite, talking about temperament, it is not worse than the clothes!

Each girl should have a small side bag, because they are very small design looks very style, this black Lingge package is very classic, and super wild, the capacity is not small, put some carry a small debris Is enough, you can mix kate spade bags with your various styles, a variety of styles of clothes. Do not know if we have not found, whether it is bags or clothes, really is the more simple and more refined! Blue elegance must have been most of the girls can not resist the color, to create a temperament on the elegant, a bag can get! Work leisurely correct, wild all your light-colored clothes, really is very good! With red high heels how can you lose a red chain package? Mingyan's color can not only set off the spirit of your energy, but also let you have a good day color. If you wear a tight dress and then with this bag, then it can be gas field simply nothing to say, and this capacity can also meet some of your daily needs.