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Another point of view to see the packet, in the end how practical

As the saying goes, people rely on clothes kate spade handbags horse saddle, the more beautiful things need to highlight the next to foil, otherwise it makes no sense, the bag is also the case, the key time can hold up the overall style. And the reason why the package is popular, not because of its appearance, but it is practical inside, in the end there is no such a practical package, today we change the angle to explain the next packet. Bag thickness is 10.3 cm, from the side, you can see it showing a three-dimensional triangle shape, indicating that its inner space is relatively large. The cow fabric is more tough, can be a good support at the bottom, on the desktop will be very smooth, and the bottom of the rounded arc kate spade outlet online so that the overall look very beautiful bag.

On the thin under the thick design, so that the appearance of the bag looked beautiful, although the design is relatively simple, but with a variety of dress with, without shoulder strap, clip in the armpit when the bag is also very fashionable. Look at the inside of the bag, multi-storey design, can be classified into different items, because it is Founder of the shape, almost no waste of space, so bags should be considered practical. In addition to the phone, long wallet and key bag after there is a lot of space, and then put a charge treasure and an umbrella is no problem, you say it's big capacity. Ingredients are cross-pattern of leather, is to use high-quality skin embryo pressed out, and then sprayed on the background, sprinkled with glitter, looking like a metal-like kate spade purses flashing effect. Coupled with exquisite package edge, traces and hardware zipper, so that shoes show a beautiful beauty, strong luster, people can not pick out the trouble, but this also takes time to test. Pack is a cortex, coupled with exquisite metal buckle, can be adjusted shoulder strap length, to meet the different back law, go out modeling more fashionable.