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Backpack and dream

Forgive my life unrestrained freedom of freedom, the first time to listen to the brighter future, they fell in love with the lyrics. In the age of not yet qualified for this life, I also like the longing for freedom. If this feeling rises to the height of the dream, I want to be a backpacker, in the walk in the sentimental life, in the minds of chasing dreams. Once felt that their dreams are cool, cool enough to prove with the whole youth. The truth is that all dreams are just dreams, and the reality is realized. Life is not so, constantly chasing, will have a constant surprise. Heart light, the pace is naturally very light, even if the dream is also feeling the light into battle. Those who have no dreams are particularly sad, at least I have seen a lot of life in the mediocre people, they live for life, live reality and boring, I do not understand why they are so, as they can not understand me. I would like to use the most pure black and white to interpret the most wonderful life, they dare not, this is probably the difference. Of course, my dream includes a lot, whether friends, or love, they are indispensable in my life. I like free and easy, but do not advocate free and easy to the whole world only one person. We are the protagonist of life, hot and gorgeous is our mission, no one has the right to deprive us of the right to accompany each other.

Those who experience the little time together, bit by bit, I remember, will never forget. In the continuous walking and non-stop loss in the feelings of all around, can be considered a good. Some people will laugh at my dream is how kate spade outlet online naive, but my dream I like just fine, do not need to get someone else's certainly not what? Sometimes the dream is very far, sometimes the dream is very close. Like two people get along, sometimes feel very close, sometimes feel very far. The book said that the best way to maintain the relationship between two people is to travel together, the pursuit of a common dream can quickly narrow the distance between two people. In fact, life is just a few decades only, why not live in accordance with their own ideas, over life and life are always filled with countless unknown regret. Years of time may be unaware, but if one day the youth is no longer it, then think about walking away is not so simple. I have always been more in favor of the most low-profile attitude to create their own least low-key life, people need humility, the dream is also. Our value is not in the endless piling up the dream, but endless efforts for the dream. Grasp the current time, do their favorite things, carrying luggage, chasing dreams, this is the young people have some ideas.