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Bag dirty to buy new? Learn to clean is the key!

For girls, go out the back of the package, this is the most basic things, no matter what things are lost inside, when the need to use the time out is also more convenient. But the bag with a long time there is always a problem, that is dirty, but dirty like cleaning is not so easy, but also with the brush and worry about the package to the whole bad, how can this be done? Here Xiaobian to the kate spade handbags baby to share some small experience, so that your bag can regain new life! First of all, is just a small part of the mentioned, for the bag, absolutely can not use some of the brush with a sharp thing to clean things, because it is easy to do so the surface of the bag scratched. If you need to wipe, you can choose some cotton, wipes and the like, some of the more soft material to scrub. In the cleaning bag, some people will choose to use hot water to wipe, this is absolutely not Oh, because the hot water will make the surface of the bag leather fabric aging, atrophy or even the possibility of fracture, the bag Really bad Oh, cleaning bags must use cold water cleaning, so that you can let the baby after cleaning ah to maintain the status quo.

Want to ensure the quality of the baby's surface cortex, then the cleaning time, the baby can be added to the water inside about ten grams of kate spade purses milk, so clean up, the surface of the cortex will be more smooth, the bag will be washed out after Comparison of beautiful, beautiful. Many people will have a bag of stains above the stains, it seems that direct rub is difficult to clean up, this time, kate spade sale the baby can be stained with a little bit of cotton or a low degree of white wine for cleaning, gently wipe stains Of the place, you can clearly see the stain disappeared gone! For stains, there is another clever way Oh, that is, the use of egg white to wipe, the effect is very obvious, and egg white not only hurt the skin layer of the bag surface, but also can make the bag The role of the epidermis shiny. Sometimes the clothes will fade, and the bag has become the first to suffer, in fact, bag dyeing and do not need to worry too much, before cleaning, the baby into the basin with salt water, soaked about 2 minutes Time, and then the bag into the water which cleaning, in a colored part of the soapy water with a cotton ball to wipe, you can see the color slowly faded, revealing the original look like a bag Oh!

In addition to these things we will have access to some of the things, if the baby is not enough to clean up this is not enough, then the proposed baby can use Vaseline for cleaning, only a little bit of Vaseline in the bag above, you can immediately Oh, all the dirty things can be cleared together. Of course, if the baby that clean up a package is really too much trouble for a thing, then choose a new bag to use, in fact, is also a very good choice Oh!