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Bag is not back in the shoulder, actually have the Department in the waist this operation!

In Xiaobian's memory, the most is the school bag in the school bag; and after graduation, the most influential bag into the bag into a diagonal package, is this growth? Haha, old people inevitably sad Chunhuai fall friends. We get down to business, Xiao Bian walk every day on the way to work, see the summer backpack is the most way kate spade purses to cross the cross! Sister who, usually how backpack it? Will carry a small bag in their own hands, as if the whole summer in their own hands in the heart! So carrying bags walking in the streets, full of gas field. Wrapped a little longer, can be folded, more free and easy with the nature. Pack for a long time, do you feel boring? You can even pack the bag with a direct winding in their own wrist, readily carrying the bag, fashion sense of the show, your whole wear will have a different Oh ~ classic small package, bag Using a black and white hit color design, eye-catching fashion, beautiful and elegant. Baby is a portable and shoulder strap with the cut, super practical and convenient. On the bag of wear, really a little accept it! Always feel that such a ride to give people a kind of MAN, hawkers feel, haha, but now seriously look, more sense of style Oh ~ If you like this line in the waist wear, then you'd better choose a Small body bag! This bag wear design, giving a sense of fashionable lapel, super attractive. Very kind of bag, long and we use the camera would like similar, so kate spade outlet named the camera bag! Bag kate spade purses wide shoulder strap design, even more distinctive, full of design sense. Conservative girl may not like this year's new bag of games are played, then the classic Messenger how? In fact, the ride to wear, more beautiful and generous, practical and convenient. Whether you choose to Shun Yao Ku, or oblique Kua, fashion still.

Simple and simple package, the bag with a high quality leather fabric, feel comfortable, smooth and delicate, filling high-end quality. Bag simple style, with clothing is also a classic classic wild. This year's super popular tofu package, do not say you do not know Oh! Bag is a small square bag style, long and tofu is very similar, simple classic, wild and charming. Know why we want to talk about shoulder bag alone? Student's favorite is the shoulder bag, and shoulder bag are mostly large capacity, can carry a lot of things, whether it is school, or travel, shoulder bag is preferred! Super cute shoulder bag, bag with a delicate small double zipper design, nice, more solid. Shoulder bag in front of interesting cartoon patterns, more lively and lovely, personality and trend. Super mini small shoulder bag, backpack above the design of the badge, the trend of a Fan. Although it looks like a mini style, but the placement of the contents of the matter is no problem Oh ~