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Bag Jun came, come and see

Bag for women, it is too important. A hand can be shoulder can also be Messenger, the volume just to meet the daily needs of the street, back to work is also very convenient. 1, a 25-35 year-old female on the current goal of the survey, excluding leave, travel, weight loss and other non-material options, more than 50% of women to buy a good bag as a recent drunk important goal; The number of people concerned about the bag more than 64%, this figure was significantly higher than the jewelry, watches and other categories of luxury goods; on the female drunk love to buy items in the list, the bag top of the list, even the shoes, clothes, jewelry, cosmetics Women are concerned about the high kate spade handbags degree of daily necessities can not match. Pleasing little cute handbag, exquisite shape, metal handle elements are its charming place. Can be portable can be diagonal, high-quality two-story leather, very texture. Bag size is more mini, there are separated, mobile gadgets are loaded under the gadgets. Bag has a middle bag and an inner bag, although not like the wine that paragraph so rich layers of rich, but taking into account its own size, in fact, very ample. After all, usually go out shopping street can not bring too much things. The shoulder strap of this bag is not removable, but it is free to adjust the length. Made Napa cowhide material, cortex more durable custom black acrylic ring. This capacity is slightly larger, but also more practical, black all year round are wild, do not worry with the problem, the cortex is also more durable wear, full score recommended Oh. No shoulder strap portable more Fan, plus the shoulder strap, then it will feel very drag, that is not cool, inside will do the liner package to everyone, to enhance the safety factor.

With a single product, you are not missing a texture of the bag it, this bag inlaid with a circle of rivets, each one is the master mosaic up, in the work is also spent some Time, bag the buckle on the front. Bag size, capacity are just right, in the spring and summer back will not look bulky. Summer really not suitable for big bags, so this package is really prepared for the summer. Although it is very small but really quite able to install, a great amount of ha ha ha can be loaded with three love crazy 7 can also be decorated with lipstick towel Han can be portable can be diagonal, and the accident is very wild, whether it is a holiday or any other Style, with together are very coordinated. Set deep and beautiful posture, kate spade bags and simple and generous design and integration; classical temperament and modernity and a. This is a stylish and atmospheric bag, especially for shopping when the bag is small, really can put kate spade sale down the usual items: mobile phones, wallets, key cases, cosmetics, lipstick, perfume, etc.!

Playing leather series, the brain hole open vegetable tanned leather + solid wood design, through the buckle rivets together, the cylinder cross section modeling, lock design, easy to use, concave shape weapon. Bags with adjustable shoulder strap, according to their own needs to adjust the length of the shoulder strap, metal buckle to tie the string more secure, fine small bag, you can put down a lot of small things. You will find the match into a funny thing, and its retro temperament will infiltrate every one of you with a special handle with a metal ring, it is very design sense, the package The production of the package is very elegant, the edge of the corner of each detail are handled very well, the size just right, to meet the needs of daily travel, there are inside the bag, is the mother package.