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Bag to make up for the lack of size?

Bags have become the daily fashion essential elements. Not only in its function of putting things, but also pay attention to it to give shape bonus. Choose the bag, directly increase your temperament. Xiaobian today to different characteristics kate spade handbags of the characteristics of a woman how to explain the package backpack. Every beauty of the baby has its own style characteristics, have their own can not blindly buy bags. But also to make bags can avoid weaknesses, so that more self-confidence. For the size of a woman, in the purchase of bags when the core of the meaning is: 1, so that the shape of the bag and body can be complementary; 2, so that the size of the bag and shape complement each other.

For these two essentials: Xiaobian to explain in detail the correct way to open the bag. For A word pear-shaped body, characterized by hip, crotch fat more. At this time, oblique cross the package, the length just at the crotch, you can play a role in the hip hip. For the X hourglass type of body, is characterized by large buttocks, chest is also large, but the waist is very fine! This time to elongate the strap, which elongated the proportion of body, elongated long, the horizontal visual effects will be weakened. For the V-shaped inverted triangle, the feature is the shoulder is very wide, wider than the buttocks. I word straight type, is characterized by the width of the shoulder and buttocks are basically the same, but the waist line is not obvious. Design simple and generous, style retro art, pu leather material with a little cool handsome. Regardless of single-handed or oblique cross is a good choice. And the design of the package, so that his space is more reasonable. Such a large space, student party can also be used to put the book Oh. Bag leisure art, the same is a both can be portable, but also diagonal cross-use bags. Small canvas bag for any casual match, bright yellow, with a little playful cute. You will be out of the modeling style kate spade handbags of the finishing touch yo!

Scrub process bag itself is very good to see, is the baby must have a yo! Bag shape, straight lines, square, very modern city, back up neat. Whether it is gray, black or brown, are a good choice. kate spade sale Small rounds of fresh and lovely, it is suitable for pastoral wind or Japanese Oh. This is also a shoulder bag, fine design, like the words to quickly start it Also, do not look at his small, he still can put a lot of things, go shopping preferred! Bag a shoulder strap to feel very cute it. Canvas material, really suitable for back to him, walking on campus Japanese cat design, too cute extra points. School bag carrying hand design is very unique, and sometimes can also carry their hands. Such a simple handbag, in the usual time to go shopping very practical, there is a big, you can put the book. Xiao Bian feel that such a handbag is very suitable for pastoral wind with Oh