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Bag with a long time do not throw dirty! Teach you a move back to the new package!

Bags are indispensable things in life, like clothes, like every day we have to pack in the bag where we need things. But we will have such an experience, the bag will be old for a long time, there will be wear and tear of the situation, if we throw away, then, will be a waste. But if you then use, and too stock! So what is the way to save these bags? If your back bag is light, or white, we can use banana peel. Banana skin can be counted on all cortex cleaners. With the inside kate spade bags of the banana peel wipe the bag dirty place, has been wiping, know the surface of the white bag wiped out the black mud, and then dry towel to remove the black mud, dry for kate spade bags a while on it. If you back the leather bag is not kate spade outlet careful by the ball pen and the like draw the mark, you can use cleansing water or essential oil to wipe, wipe back and forth several times, imprint also fell, very simple but very easy to use. Another bag of metal zipper, with a long time there will be black hair dark situation, then, just use a toothbrush dipped in toothpaste brush can restore the luster.

Leather bag with a long time, it will appear off the skin of the phenomenon, especially the bag of the strap and wear the edge. At this time, we only need to prepare a cotton swab and complement glue, or professional modified paint. Only need to fill the edge of the glue on the edge of the wear and tear evenly coated, first coated with a layer, to be dry and then coated layer, twice in a row, to be dry, you will find that those who have no trace of the skin. Canvas shoulder bag, canvas design, very durable bag, can hold a lot of things, there is a sense of creativity. Red and stripe with blue collision feeling particularly good.