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Bags with a careful machine, routine full score, you will it?

Bag both practical and play the role of beauty, and since there is the use of beauty, then there will certainly be with a careful machine, and Xiaobian today to say is the bag with a careful machine, which sets of small Read are hooked, do you want to learn it? (Ps: baby who recently have any favorite models, or wear a ride, welcome direct comments, harassing Xiaobian Oh ~)

1. Chain package as a symbol of a single product, in the fashion industry will never fade, the metal chain of the unique semi-tough personality and semi-sexy temperament, is definitely for the sister to create a different style of God's pen, both Elegant and noble, but also high-altitude domineering, or easy to relax and so on .... chain package texture with bow decoration, to keep her sister at any time to maintain their own feminine, the other body also with bright silk design, So look will be more shiny Oh, with it to concave shape really beautiful like words!

Rivets with embroidery, both the personality of the rivets kate spade sale of color, yet embroidery affectionate, with the metal chain of fashion, sister can use it to dress up a small fragrance full of flavor Oh ~ color is relatively simple, but the sister For example, the simple chain of packages with more space, if the sister that is too monotonous, then may wish to bring a scarf on the bag as a decoration, will definitely be more beautiful it. Very delicate of a chain bag, small square bag shape with cartoon pattern embellishment, a taste of youth from the nose, so the sister has it. No matter how dress, are not the youth of moving beauty. Color design is very visual effect, with the metal chain texture, fashion sense of bursting, the other body also with a texture of the embellishment, whether it is symmetrical beauty or texture can be a master of the United States, and this bag no extra elements of embellishment , So do not limit the style, the sister will be able to match a variety of scarves or ornaments, derived from more beautiful shape Oh ~ shoulder bag always concentrated with childhood memories of school, so with a very strong age Effect, for the sister, if the shoulder bag with a variety of lower age equipment, then you can want to kate spade sale play the charm of youth, and then with a ball head or ponytail, absolutely super charming!

White bag with a variety of patterns embellishment, looking very fresh and charming, even if a simple girl with a sweater, can show their beautiful side of youth, and choose the shoulder bag, then the sister will be able to eternally 18 years old ~ because the bag is dark, with a variety of bright colors after the pattern will appear more visual effects, the other pattern is graffiti nature, so my sister has this bag, Fun is not just youth style, But also with some personality taste it