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Beauty of the times to the beauty of you, a fine package!

In this era of beauty, walking in the streets of the girls, one by one resorted to the pace of proud of the pace, the bluestone paved the way out of the international T station effect, or self-confidence you graceful, or Is the funny wizard you wantonly heroic ... ... but you can see every Mei Mei hands must be inseparable from a bag of portrait to join, or used to hold debris, or used to concave type And so on, it seems that girls are more and more know how to look down on the big truth, and do not say those who can walk, such as moving the big bag, first look at these compact package, I believe that is enough to make your chop Hand diary plus a sum, ha ha, hurry to see it ~

Bags with a diamond inlaid into a star pattern, if you do not like the black there is a white optional, the metal chain length of the shoulder also has a slow pressure on the daily more comfortable, like to quickly start it. Romantic lace styling of the small backpack is also a small series like a pair of embroidery and rivets elements of the combination of just right out of the indomitable sense of beauty, as well as the addition of scarves, the overall taste index UPUP. Relatively simple black and white with a small square bag, interspersed with a small lock design is also more convenient and practical, a bag gives the feeling is so confident charm, there are other colors optional Oh Although not so gorgeous high-profile, but there is also an elegant introverted unique charm, the strap can also be demolished in the Oh

Each color block carefully selected, each modeling intentions to build, so kate spade bags so colorful but not messy little bag, can not be separated from the strict requirements for the quality of detail, inside the space is also spacious enough of the color of the rivet elements and color shoulder strap weaving , Bring you a luxurious visual feast, that long shoulder strap can kate spade handbags be demolished Oh, the daily use of more convenient, candy color of the small satchel, the internal independent of the pocket is very convenient, its bottom length About 28.5 cm height of about 17 cm, so you can put down the phone wallet keys and so on, practicality is still relatively strong. Bag it is the kind of material used is the kind of soft PU leather, but because the relative use of materials is tough enough stiffness or da da, there are chain is also high-grade plating treatment, rest assured that the use will kate spade outlet online not fade.

Lock-type clamshell bag, which also has a protective zipper closed Oh, is to give you a double protection of the sense of security, the most important thing is that it is not limited with the style, it is worth a start.