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Creative bag, the original long so!

The daily bag has long been unable to meet our daily needs have not? Square bag, rectangular bag, how can they simply use them to wrap the whole summer? So, today, Xiaobian find a lot of beautiful bags, very suitable for cool this summer style, so it seems that after the baby We do not have to run around to find this year's popular single product, Xiao Bian will help you all in the bag in the Oh Using this year's hot round metal handle, half of the package shape, so that a bag looks very dynamic, very small and exquisite, many fashion people have already used such a fashion element, saying that you have to lag behind it? Colorful owl, suction full of eyes, simple chain, looks very refreshing, if you are a weird baby, this type of bag income under the command, naturally mention! Super can be a small mushroom bag, with a fresh color with, of course, still less full of lovely girl heart, very inverse age, but all the color is not very jumping unacceptable color, is a very reduced Age bags.

Tree pier design of the bag, dark colors can be with any clothes, bags are very light, so it is suitable for summer to wear, work is also very surprising, a layer of bark design, so that a bag Born with heavy feeling, very sense of design Oh. See their home bag to know that the original life of each element, can be used to do the bag, like this violin feel the bag, full of creativity, its weight size is perfectly suited to the summer , But the color of the winter can also be used to control, so it is all year round can back the bag Oh The more simple, the more people can not be removed from the eyes, simple to all the hot elements of this year, the design of the ring with the triangle package, the simple decoration is very comfortable, simple color is very Suitable for everyday bags Oh Simple shoulder bag can also play a creative wood there? Hat shape of the shoulders back to the whole very creative, ear kate spade bags design, letting the whole hug is very cute, dark and pink with the full sense of age, of course, work so beautiful hat turned out to be a bag, afraid No idea?

Envelope package is probably the most basic creative bag, but Xiaobian still could not help but put it up, simple and generous to any occasion any clothes can match, the overall color, even no extra decoration, looks very atmospheric No?