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Even why she bought a package do not know, do not say you know her!

Girls not only change the character of the selection of goods is also changing the style to change. Many boys because of dislike to accompany girls shopping too tired, direct big hand wave, take my card casually brush. In fact, Ouni want kate spade purses to say why girls love to pull boys shopping? Not because she wanted to wear a good look in front of you, she is like to get your recognition and praise. Buy the kate spade bags package just to please the boys? No, it is only a small part of the reason, the most important we are to please our own. Why love to buy a package? Discount ah, ultra-cheap, this time do not want to wait three years! Why love to buy a package? With ah, just missing a look like this bag. Why love to buy a package? Because today, kate spade purses a good mood to buy a package. Soft side of the dual-use package, it is suitable for summer back, this bag is very large capacity, it is appropriate to go out or shopping when carrying, two shoulder straps can be long and short, short can be used to carry, Can be oblique cross. Built-in small zipper pocket, privacy and security, load bearing is also very good oh ~

Oblique across the small package is very nice look, whether it is portable or Messenger, can be. Style is very wild, can hold a lot of things. But also into the long wallet, umbrellas and so on such things long, fresh and nice, sporadic decoration is somewhat cute sense ~ especially suitable for summer small package, and the quality of the bag cortex very good. Work is particularly good alignment is very neat, double the style is also very nice. Belt and anti-skid and not pressure the shoulder, the bag looked at the small Ting can be installed, while the phone and money, the other side can put a towel, paper, lipstick and sunscreen, practical super high Oh ~ small bag quality is very good, Small and lightweight, it is suitable for the summer out of the back, although looking very small, but like the phone, key, bus card, change, and so small objects can all be put in, really small body large capacity, super praise ~