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How to choose a suitable for your beautiful work package

In this era of vertical and horizontal, learn rational chop hand, is the thrift of the necessary survival of the girls law. So buy the commute before you can first consider the following questions in the kate spade bags brain. Need to go abroad to travel more often have to carry the computer, then you should first consider the capacity of much installed, when the computer bag and back up effort to commute the package. Do not need to travel, but the normal commute, you can consider to buy a fine, installed under the mobile phone wallet package ok ok friends. To bring the file to get off work, the bag to buy a loaded A4 paper capacity just fine, usually only installed lipstick phone, then only consider the style fine like. If your mode of transport is driving, hand carry and shoulder style are appropriate, if it is crowded subway to work, we must consider the problem of walking shoulder, because one hand to take the phone, the other hand can only take this package, or quite Aspects. The first two simple questions can basically solve the basic contradiction of choice bag, choose a large package or packet, the following questions related to further style and color selection issues. What is the working environment? Serious rigor or kate spade outlet loose Favorite bag and most of your commuter dress worthy of it? Wearing a low-key rigorous, should first consider the black bag simple style and work environment suitable,

But the shortcomings are not much of the words, especially when the whole loaded small things, in the deep Tote bag looking for lipstick, like digging in the cave like a baby, a bit inconvenient. Commuter only carry lipstick and mobile phone is kate spade outlet online not recommended to buy such a large capacity, short band will be slippery shoulder or wear thick clothes when the shoulder can not hold, often with the hand holding a little tired, not suitable for time when the trot, Suitable for out-of-the-box equipment, can be put into wallet, cosmetic bag, umbrella, cup and so on. , Because the handle is short, easy to hand, part can be placed in A4 paper, or need to fold or bend

The capacity of a small, suitable for light, but also the liberation of his hands, a lot of package, the round of the round for the selection of Yao Yao, diagonal and shoulder effect is not the same, a package can be back two different effects The package is generally the choice of professional men, a fine texture, the details of the briefcase can be put into the workplace fresh meat upup, especially when you need suits to attend some rigorous and need to show professional attitude of the occasion. But the big briefcase for our sister paper is also a great advantage, especially hot no matter where you have to go with the computer's sister paper, a unique design and not so serious briefcase is just right. Bad place is a bit too professional, and most of the briefcase will not be designed very beautiful, tough and handsome is full, but do not pay attention with the words will look a little man.