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How to choose the bag for their own

Shape depends on the whole, from the hair, clothing to the shoes bag, accessories, every place has to pay attention to a subtle error is enough to affect the overall effect with. Bags as a practical type of accessories, is every girl is indispensable. How to choose their own bag? With Xiaobian together to study it. Image design is based on their own temperament, contrary to the line with the shape of the temperament does not match their own temperament will not be a color. Elegant temperament dignified women, choose the same package should also choose the same temperament models. Nude color, blue, camel and other soft and soft colors, women can be soft and elegant temperament set off, are a good choice. As for the shape, you have to choose a relatively solemn generous cut, so that their temperament to be highlighted.

A sweet and lively girl, if carrying a full of rivets chain motorcycle package, will appear neither fish nor fowl, sweet girl's sweet gone, rivets motorcycle bag handsome also disappeared, from this match can only feel To extremely discordant. Fresh and warm colors for playful little sweethearts, like this year's popular cream color is a very good choice. Coupled with a lovely full of innocence ornaments, sweet temperament will be contrast to the most vividly. There are always some girls, with their own unique style in the crowd, the catch eye-catching. In their body can not find the lace can not find the pink, simple black and white can be interpreted by their very charm. Their bags, naturally, the majority of black, some cool and cool locomotive models, and some are cut tough retro models, each one has a type of type. Stay fresh and short hair, with a white shirt, matched with a retro bag, handsome and feminine and with. Height above 165cm, you can not pay too much attention to the size of the bag. Those handsome type of large bags, more and more can make you tall and outstanding body to be highlighted. In particular, like this can be put down the A4 paper vertical extension models, only belong to the tall beauty of the sister paper who can control. Often used to be petite to describe, then choose petite and small bags against the background of their own bar. Rounded shape, Jiaoqiao lovely, and petite temperament is extremely match. If you feel that the practicality of small bags is not high, but also need a large enough bag, then choose as much as possible models it Those kind of small bags, carry in the petite of your hands, will be extremely embarrassing.

Do not know how many girls and small series, as long as the weight is light, chest and PP certainly no. There is no curve there is no feminine, this is the body thin body of the girls straight heart of the eyes of the nail. Especially in the summer, skinny nowhere to hide. Thoracic kate spade bags can be adjusted by underwear, but hip type? In the case of the model, adjust the length of the shoulder strap so that the length of the shoulder bag and the buttocks flush, at least from the side can not see annoying flat buttocks. Thin and thin sad, fat fat trouble. No chest no feminine, chest too large seems to be too plump. Others carrying a delicate temperament of the small shoulder bag, back in his body but was instantly full of chest type submerged. So, on the choice of horizontal extension of the bag it, so full of chest a block of the block. Office workers commute bag selection space is relatively broad, according to their own professional and personal temperament with. In addition to some requirements of dress formal career, bag with the relatively free. In general, solid or dark pattern bag is more popular, models to simple and generous is appropriate A little formal party or dinner, need high quality while the appearance of gorgeous bag to deal with. Luxury and elegant crocodile pattern, simple and generous and chic elegant shape of the word back, so you in the well-dressed people stand out. Exquisite metal chain shoulder strap, so that the sense of quality of the bag on a layer. Go out to play or give a weekday commuter with a small bag, a can hold clothes and other items of clothing items such as shoulder large backpack convenient and easy. Really want to bring a small and delicate bag when taking pictures, then stuffed into the big backpack with a chant