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Light extravagant bag, give you a different attitude towards life

More than a man can not understand why a woman love the love of the bag, then think about the importance of your watch it; a woman can not do without the bag as a man can not leave the watch; for women, the bag is like identity and Status symbol, but also with a variety of clothing modeling, so that their own shape icing on the cake, how can not love it. Light luxury is a life attitude, the pursuit of refined elegance, but not wasted, is nowadays many girls pursue kate spade purses the concept of life. Light bag price will not be unrealistically high, but maintained the quality and advanced taste. Here to see what a small public look good light bag it.

Unique bag, do not miss it, it has a unique lock design and irregular shape of the cover; plus multi-layer organ bag structure and shape, so that bags look more chic, simple can also be through A fashionable feeling, it is people memorable; multi-layer design so that the classification function is also very strong, very good place to carry items, practical and beautiful. Modeling is very innovative fine bucket bag, its body like a bucket like rounded, yet yet playful, these are so understandable to become a classic fashion bag fashion. This section of the simple shape of the bucket bag, but with too much publicity, equipped with a metallic luster full circle of the hand, is simply the fashion wind and metal wind perfect fusion together, unspeakable temperament. The shape of the trendy full of small square bag, equipped with a hit color design of the fashion metal chain, fine and solid; bags in front of the metal lettering simple and low-key interpretation of the fashion aristocratic wind, the overall sense of fashion and design to a sense kate spade handbags of Peak; polyester cloth within the distribution pattern also makes the placement of personal items more orderly.

The characteristics of the sealing tape shows the perfect high-end quality, but also improve the safety protection; and the bag with a strong metal suction buckle design, good-looking at the same time not only smooth wear, but also to effectively prevent the items fall, Equipped with metal adjustment button is more to show the charm of this bag charming. Sweet jelly color, bring pretty and elegant femininity; on the injection of funny cartoon patterns, but also exudes a charming dream of color; simple lines outline a small package type, and then with a comfortable handle, more Add romantic feelings; and cartoon pattern using rivet design, you can adjust the angle, so you different. The first time to see this package when the love, and it is based on the lovely jelly bag cleverly injected into the kate spade outlet online Liu nail and map elements, show fresh and refined and retain a trace of wild charm; exquisite lock Made after the magnetic buckle, so that the bag opening and closing more convenient, with a dress on the Queen temperament how can not stop.

Overall, this is a bias in the fresh retro style of the bag, it is neat around the contour lines clear, Baoshen the front equipped with a hand embroidery pattern out of the rich retro style and literary style, and buttons At the end of a trace of pendants for the whole added a warm little home jasper temperament.