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Light travel, summer only one packet!

Although only around four or five months, but we have been able to feel the temperature gradually approaching, and summer is always ahead of schedule. I believe the little fairies are reluctant to carry a heavy bag out of the bar, even if the back is not hot, watching also hot ah! Summer out, with the lighter the better, a little bit just can be installed out of the necessities of the package can be! Small bag body, to accommodate a cell phone a purse just right. Sweet color to meet the childhood of all the fantasy of the princess, full of bright pearl string chain filled with Japanese sweet and lovely, as if the body wrapped in sweet sweet candy incense, the whole package exudes a deep love atmosphere, Bad a romantic date! Classic black and white with never outdated, looking tired of the colorful hit color, and sometimes this simple, elegant package is more popular, semi-circular package of natural and sleek, beautiful embroidery creeps, looks very vivid, zipper At the light of kate spade outlet online the golden rivets to add a sense of fashion to the bag, this is a wild casual bag!

Such as strawberry chocolate-like silky delicate texture, the old lady that has not been devoid of the girl heart again re-burning up, although it is Fang Bao, but there is no one can take the corners of the corners, smooth processing to show the gentle girl. Golden metal buckle flashing, full of tide. The whole bag is not large, mobile phone wallet sun umbrella can be installed, so that is enough. Summer is not that a little color? Dark green + khaki + white Dark red + black + white Knock out the design sense, knock out fashion sense, only you can not think of no designer can not do! The whole bag looks full of personality, very light. Now the tide is not a thin shoulder strap, but this kind of lively and sexy with a thick band. Colorful colors as if weaving a rainbow, but also like a tug of tropical fruit Taner, quite Bohemian exotic, to the hot summer add a lot of color and fun.

A touch of ice cream color is the representative of kate spade bags the summer color, giving a cool feeling. Who said the shoulder bag is bulky and crude? Small shoulder bag QQ, like the Macaron and like sweet bread, the girl can not help but slightly dang a ring, round metal zipper like sequins as shining. Travel essential sun umbrella, mineral water, mobile phones, all wallet can be loaded into, or to a walk away from the light travel? Light kate spade outlet online mottled, footsteps light. In advance about three or five friends gathered together, walking in the summer of the tree-lined trail felt blowing from the cool breeze, carry a small bag with their own familiar with the commonly used small objects. It is a rare time for such a short time on the way to the appointment. In such a fascinating scene in the bag has contributed to the role, and it is responsible for reminding you to organize your own life, and even let you learn after planning. Is not it worth a start?