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Mini pack to replace the bag? Look at fashion bags new trend!

We know that we usually go to school or school, must be a practical section of the big bag, all the belongings are thrown into. But the trend of the new fashion package, kept in the test of our season than a quarter of smaller packages, but a quarter more lovely than kate spade purses a season! The So that you dislike the bag is not practical mood, slowly shaken, in these quarters of fashion week, but also to replace the bag into the fashion people's favorite, let us look at the following packet trend, will not Will kate spade handbags it shake to you? Like the same as the reduction of the same kate spade purses light, the brand directly to their own classic package section to the most mini, bloggers are no longer carrying bags, but with their fingers hooked bags, people read straight Call cute! The back of the people almost do not feel it exists, this time even the strength of the finger is also saved, super mini oblique bag is like the size of the same mobile phone (probably only put the next cell phone), high color saturation or color Add some childlike elements to enhance the presence of small bags

Finishing the photos found that the mini-package of the most ram color is actually yellow. Bright yellow package gives young people a vibrant feeling, but because there are often big clothes to buy clothing with the problem, so we often dare not start! Now that the mini bag in power, then the yellow is really a good choice, since the use of mini-bag to wear light, let it really shine it! Founder of the mini-bag reminiscent of the girl when there will always be a few such a box, and sometimes is installed color pen, sometimes a toy, in addition, retro box with a lovely package of color, with Spring dress is particularly temperament! The Think other models of the package too cute girl, may wish to refer to look at box style.

Since all kinds of packages are introduced mini-version, no reason not to backpack, but because of the proportion of the problem, many people choose to mention the way to get backpack, or the way back to the shoulder!