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Minimalist bag, interpretation of the new definition of fashion

A woman's bag every year to buy a lot, but there is always a you do not want to use it, it is a very simple style of the bag, its style simple and capable, minus the complex elements to simple Of the lines appear in front of you, very consistent with the aesthetic of modern people, everyone can take their own style, even if the collision will not let people find! Simple leather kate spade bags handbag. Minimalist special package, suitable for popular practical style but without losing personality, the overall structure of the founder three-dimensional, feel clean and capable, Tote package has been the office workers love, open and convenient to take, no trace of extra decoration, There is texture. Very small fresh ladies of a bag of precision sewing lines, to take high-quality leather, with the pocket of the button metal ring design, the bag is more flavor and fashion sense of Oh! Regardless of what care with what clothes are incomparable wild, put up incomparable harmony! Jazz black dotted with white lines, all ages, all ages have different flavors, this is called simple, this is called wild, so unique type and work on the package, this package is absolutely band Give you fresh and fun exquisite must buy goods!

Gray and lotus color is full of high-level sense, mini version of the better look, usually out of the street this very taste Oh, very temperament Oh! Not only feel good, the appearance is also very grade, as a fashion sense of sensitive sister must start a Oh! Inside and outside the texture is very good litchi pattern leather hit color Oh, is not very special, and the tape is also positive and negative hit color, full of details of the sense of hand, wrapped, shoulder strap suture do Is the manual suture, so the senses are very fine! Classic wild Korean small square bag, with what clothes are good-looking, the choice of practical good-looking hardware lock, back it whole people are fashionable up! Girls usually go out of a variety of small objects, folding umbrella and the like can all be put down! This package is the kind of leisure is very positive feeling in Europe and America, made a very special three-dimensional fold process, leather is relatively thick litchi pattern, do not lose in the leather feel and effect, back up there will be a little three-dimensional big sense, Looks very casual but fried chicken special, fried chicken convenience and will also have a sense of security.

Fashion models, celebrities must have, fashion vane, material selection, inside and outside the first layer of leather, high-quality electroplating hardware, very wide type, wear, long as new Convenient design, it is suitable to put your smart phone, credit card, change, key, practical content. Large package liner can be diagonal, large capacity, give you a perfect sense of use. Interior of the three-tier compartment design, so that items in good order! Roman era of retro style, simple and simple package, the use of imported calfskin material, feel comfortable. Simple to you think she is not some sex cold friends, solid color of the surface is not much decoration, style is very stylish and elegant, rich temperament Tote bag, but also show women's capable!