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No personality, your bag shortcomings rivets

Speaking of rivets we should not unfamiliar, rivets are already very popular elements, because of its metal dazzling light, whether decorated on the hat, shoes, or bags, will bring a different visual impact The The original monotonous black line, with rivets decoration, more personality, fashion, that can show handsome tough side, you can also reveal the charm kate spade outlet online of wild wild, but also mix and match into a sweet and spicy style. Shoulder bag wings package type, atmospheric fashion. Square cone rivets hook side, street shooting was grade, the trend of the wind vane. Cross fabric, non-slip wear, carrying a big sense of the back. Leather shoulder strap, stylish atmosphere, backpack comfortable shoulder to shoulder. Handsome and cute! Boston pillow style, atmospheric fashion. Mongolia nail hook, street shot very handsome. Very light, travel back comfortable and relaxed. Zipper head with lock form, security and security. Fashion and ladies!

Shoulder bag three-dimensional cartoon plastic card, reflecting the Mifei lovely fun style. Retro rivet kate spade bags decoration, the atmosphere yet Meng Meng da temperament. Imitation denim texture fabric, retro nostalgia, classic look. With a jacket or cowboy kate spade purses are good! Rivet hand grasping the package soft leather material, color rivets in the package is very bright, banquet must pack, very convenient! Color shoulder strap rivets package is also very good, wide shoulder strap, back up not to hurt the shoulder, security and security lock, carrying a very handsome leisure!