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Refused to non-mainstream, not to reject rivets

Some of the sister who is not a kind of illusion, rivets things seem kate spade bags a bit fat swine to kill Matt. Especially in the street to see some rivet shoes with tight pants, back bad quality rivet package, looks low on the low. The reason why this feeling, in fact, because those people their own value is not high, but also to buy some low-quality rivets single product, simply can not look directly! There is a texture of temperament rivet bag back up people are not the same? Regardless of clothes or bags, quality and style is very important, their temperament can not be obscured by inferior things! Xiaobian recommended several temperament rivet package to everyone! Shoulder bag wings package type, atmospheric fashion. Square cone rivets hook side, street shoot super nice, those who can not match the low quality kate spade outlet rivets! Cross fabric, non-slip wear, carrying a big sense of the back. Leather shoulder strap, stylish atmosphere, temperament sister do not miss! Was this package out kate spade sale who would say you are not mainstream? Very good temper! Boston pillow style, atmospheric fashion. Mongolia nail hook, street shooting can be very lady. Travel is comfortable and relaxed. Zipper head lock, a sense of security.

Leisure trip election this is also good, three-dimensional cartoon plastic card, cute funny. Retro rivet decoration, the atmosphere yet Meng Meng da temperament. Imitation cowboy texture fabric, more retro, with casual style clothes great! Shoulder bag than the previous year that part of the leisure, but also a little larger, printed and rivets combined, unique design, suitable for daily short trips! Mini package is very fashionable, lace rivets, small lock design of the package buckle, chain shoulder strap, travel convenient and safe, light into battle can try!