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Small and exquisite package you are satisfied with the whole summer

For the girl will dress, dress is definitely not just the choice of clothing, bags and shoes are equally worthy of serious treatment. Well versed in the United States to take the way passers-by B & B is taking action to tell us that summer is suitable for small and exquisite bag style. The whole spring and summer are gorgeously dressed, the color of the clothes are bright and bright. If you think the black bag will appear some out of tune, it must not care about the bag on the printing, soft Meng cute is simply invincible girl, those leisurely age-saving style can be decorated properly. Small bag with a small bag of magic, than the capacity is naturally larger than the bag, but decorated with the key to change the key, summer outbound essential goods is enough. It is important that the small bag shape more ah, lovely owl sequins decorated with soft colors, there are several sister paper can refuse?

Want to be calm is also very simple. Rose red plus pure white, the color is not complicated, hit the color out of a flower, and then three-dimensional modeling to create a superior place, small bags of the world. Whether it is casual or work, such a package to a dozen are not too ah. The same kate spade bags is three-dimensional flowers, this one to complex main, style, no breakthrough, the other side of the classic is common. But wins can be used on both sides to increase the possibility of collocation. The rhythm of urban life is fast, the more the role you play, the more choices you choose will be loved by more people. Zipper huanhuan looks a little kate spade outlet yuppie's taste, like the locomotive style is being intellectual elegance assimilation, each with a little bit of their own personality change point stubborn. Tassel embellishment wins in the kate spade bags light of the delicate, the minds of the packet are excavated, the workplace commute two correct, become a point of praise master.

Summer colors always have a lot of choices, light and bright and low-key deep have room to play. If you always like leisure time on weekdays, then the blue and yellow will be a good choice. If you are strong in the workplace, then red and black can give you a good embellishment. Compared to black and white more suitable for solemn occasions, simple atmosphere of the town to live. However, the style spent on the mind, the same can be black and white to enjoy the leisure or sweet praise. Semi-circular design, color contrast is still faster but a bit more simple and honest feeling. Hollow feeling and summer often very good gesture, Brisk, Smart, a little sense of national style with dress dress. Beige is very atmospheric, able to control the summer colorful. From the variants of the dress to the professional loaded atmosphere, this bag is with the necessary.