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Spring essential package, transformed into a vibrant girl

Winter always complained about wearing too heavy, almost to abandon the beautiful bag. However, it is worth happening, bleak winter has begun to gradually flow away, warm spring began to head on, began to embrace the beautiful bag embrace it. Shoulder bag has not only the student party's patent, the capacity is large, it seems hin tide and other characteristics make it a lot of star Icon travel must have a single product! There are many influx of people to bring their hearts good fashion week show stroll. It is a must for a single product. A simple but not boring backpack series, simple design backpack looks fresh and clean, green backpack feel and the color of the spring embraced each other, is not feeling his shoulder on the back of the green spring it?

Fashion beautiful atmosphere, the capacity can hold A4 magazines, IPAD, notebook computers, umbrellas and so on. Material with waterproof Oxford cloth, longer life! A leisure travel outdoors, college style, small fresh style style shoulder bag, easy to match, suitable for multiple age groups. Ms. bag is a popular fashion package, she has a variety of styles, it has a shoulder Kua, Messenger and other back law, leaving people a lot of imagination and play space, with a unique charm with the show in the world The Triangle package at first glance is that should be a good match, not how to pick color it Baoshen in front of the small triangle decoration, and Baoshen contrast is very strong, will feel quite personality! The whole package is no extra design is very simple, very wild

Bag is the main material is soft and soft leather, with high-end planting gold metal, the use of anti-off dyeing process, finished graffiti effect retro fashion! Coupled with semi-stereotypes of the square contour, decent capacity, very up the temperament of the upper body effect, the shelves at the beginning of the heat is also reasonable! Europe and the United States simple style small square bag, double zipper kate spade bags before the bag design structure, the capacity of powerful, with color matching, more vitality, quality and feel very good! Very suitable for tourism back, is a can not miss the Sen Department of literary section. In the street, we often see is the boys carrying a handsome chest bag to walk, and chestbags are mostly displayed by the boys attribute, girls are rarely to control it. But the chest is not only exclusive to the boys, but also has a girl's property ah Exquisite workmanship and close sewing, the selection of hardware accessories is not easy to fade, lasting shiny, all the time are exudes a glorious, bags of brilliant color design, gives a strong visual impact, a new height, So simple.

Corset bag design sweet and lovely, the choice of light blue and dark blue denim stitching, the perfect formation of a tone on the difference, it seems not so monotonous, chest cute cute kate spade handbags cat is its perfect embellishment, lovely No fancy.