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Summer bag new fashion, tassel with you encounter style package

Flying kate spade sale tassels like a rhythmic poem, free and easy, but mildly romantic, for the shape to add a Smart life, you want to create the most tide shape, the season's most popular tassel bag you must enter, break monotonous, Or icing on the cake, tassel elements have been loved by the fashion industry, often as the crowning touch, saying that this is not hurry into a tassel bag Well ~ simple wild is the last word, and can be a variety of styles, kate spade sale whether it is fashion Modern style, casual winds, sports and leisure style or cool style, can show your beauty from different angles, simple profile with the generous, soft texture, tassel is the finishing touch of the shoulder shoulders can be , Can be put into the ipad clothing cosmetics, looks very small size in fact large capacity. Full of college leisure style, personalized zipper head details highlight the quality, adjustable shoulder strap, metal magnetic button easy to switch and safe, tassel decorated cute and lovely ~ bag style is retro, Baoshen is a smooth leather, covered and tassels Part of the use is matte pu material, feel very special, and three-color tassel color is great, put up super nice.

The Trendy bucket bag above, decorated with a casual tassel, very youthful feeling. Simple solid color, very retro feeling. Near the bag that part of the strap, there is a small part of the winding design, like a rattan. Before that tassel bag is like, but the difference is that the shoulders of the shoulder bag, is used inside the different colors, it seems not so monotonous. Moreover, the frosted kate spade bags skin, feels more touching some.