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Summer travel must be a single product, missing Oh can not be

Three hundred and sixty five days kate spade sale a year, many young people almost half of the time are on a business trip or travel, travel is always to bring a lot of clothes and must have items, so as to better complete the mission, the next small Compiled for everyone to recommend some of the necessary for a business trip, I hope every travel and travel a small partner more smoothly. Travel and travel are the same to enjoy kate spade sale the fun of the process, so want to be comfortable and neat travel must be prepared on several practical equipment, such as bags + suitcases + sunglasses, allowing you to enjoy a more pleasant travel and travel, but also Relax your mood Bag is an indispensable daily life of a single product, so you put some mobile phones and documents and so on and so on things, more convenient you out of the street and travel Oh, but also enhance the temperament and charm of men Oh, like Do not miss the students, you deserve to have oh.

Leather large-capacity bags, the surface made of high-quality leather from the feel comfortable and texture, three-dimensional design, the back is more prominent fashion trend Fan, out of the street more relaxed and convenient, out of the street to meet your daily admission Oh kate spade handbags Leather large-capacity baby, the surface made of unique leather, large-capacity Baoshen design to meet the daily needs of all storage Oh, simple and lightweight type of external design, with a street to highlight the fashion trend of people's style, let Life becomes more relaxed, like the hero to start quickly. Personalized bag, the use of texture leather production, leather safety and health more light and soft and tough, but also has a very good waterproof wear-resistant effect, large capacity Baoshen, a lot of objects, unique front and back are more tide, Out of the street sub-eye eye-catching and enhance the temperament Oh Whether it is travel or travel are not a large capacity of the trunk, high-value box can enhance the user's charm and temperament, of course, the box space is the most important thing, you can easily accommodate more clothing and Life necessities, so that every time you enjoy a more comfortable travel and travel.

Large capacity caster box, the box with high quality abs + pc plastic hot, coupled with the new fashion rugged design, characterized by high flexibility and pressure resistance drop, pulled out of the street more convenient and easy to break, the surface Personalized design, highlight the style of fashion, enhance the user's charm. Personality full suitcase, made of aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum material, the box is strong and durable is not easy to break, with better bearing capacity, simple surface design of the personality, is not monotonous Oh, the bottom of the wear-resistant wear wheel Design, street more convenient Oh.