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The smaller the more fashionable, this summer will back Meng Meng da packet!

From 2017 bags of the popular kate spade bags trend point of view, has been dominated by the fashion circle for many years the mini bag is still the general trend. And do not say it has more fire, most of the summer clothes no pocket, back big bag is too cumbersome, so still a little more practical bag. Besides, a little more refined ah, you can install things, but also as an ornament to match. Such a spider is not enough to capture your heart it? Super sweet a small package ~ very distinctive square rainbow rivets, plus a variety of girls heart color and strap design, multi-strand aluminum chain shoulder strap, solid and durable, have a certain weight! Pearls and pearls. Hand-painted style of small like perfume bottles, fresh and lovely; coupled with sewing beads, to enhance the overall sense of the level of the bag, and personality interesting. Relatively small, but the daily necessities to carry a small thing to carry children no problem!

Both aesthetic and practical bag is the most attractive, this flip chain package will be able to meet these two points. Version of the type of retro, but also used to do the old retro hardware, looks more coordinated. Do not look at it small, but the daily use of a small kate spade handbags enough fresh acrylic kate spade sale box, two chains with random. Very cute clouds pattern, to meet your broken girl heart ~ blue and pink two can choose, are very cute color Oh! What kind of hold it home! Ring buckle plus chain strap, simple yet personality; hit color design full of vitality, generous look good. Small envelope bag, easy to carry is not cumbersome, but the daily necessities of the small items completely no problem! Relatively simple basis of the small bag, not too much decoration, good control. Small size, so knock cute, there are a variety of colors can choose, is not very praise?