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Who said only the strap before age? Mini backpack to complain grievances

Belt pants (skirt) Recently the fire was a mess, because the sister who are too love it. It is not only wild, the key is particularly reduced age. But girl, there is a reunion artifact you know? That is the Mini backpack! For girls to buy a package is nothing more than two conditions: good and practical. Many sister are particularly beloved messenger bag, although it looks good, but easy to become high shoulder it! The Mini backpack is not the same, it is not only a lot kate spade purses of style, different shapes, the key is a small sparrow, fully equipped. After a small backpack feel particularly petite and lovely, like a moment back to a small time, the whole person looks young and several years old. Shoulder bag style is very simple and generous, because the bag is relatively small, red color will not appear particularly publicity. Big ring lock style fashion, do not look at it small, inside the capacity, but great.

Rivets have always been very popular elements of fashion, with a casual and casual. Black color is also a special atmosphere, the key is no matter what clothes are very nice to see. kate spade purses Leather fabric leather is also very soft, no fear of the package was ravaged. Backpack, whether it is modeling or color has an elegant retro charm. Tassel design can be described as crowning, for this backpack to add a playful vitality. Brown color is also very movie atmosphere. The capacity of this package is also very big Oh!

Grass green in this year is not the fire ah, this bag in the vegetation green in the cortex to increase the fashion sense, kate spade handbags more attractive. Corduroy fabric in the bag is also relatively rare, feels very comfortable and very special. Bags are very personal, especially for the bold pursuit of novelty girl. It is very fine workmanship, looks like there is a big feeling. Narrow shoulder strap is very fashionable, do not worry about accidentally back out of the bag of both the sense of it!