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Wide shoulder bag bag today the most popular street

Today's package of the world, the chain with wide shoulder strap evenly divided. And to say what kind of shoulder strap with the package is the best match, I believe most people still stay in the course of the chain is the level of ~ But this year's packet situation seems to be "the opposite", the pack The latest CP - wide shoulder strap has been successful "superior", has become a new favorite bag shoulder belt. Whether you are tired of the street filled with the kate spade sale chain of the package, or was thin shoulder with a small package Le was shouting shoulder pain, and now you are not hypocritical friends. Today for everyone to introduce broadband sub-bag, do not kate spade outlet think that the width of the tape is soil, which is a high value of the bag, but Oh! Back to the chain of packages have certainly had the same feeling, the chain is beautiful, but really is the meat you! Especially when the bag is kate spade outlet online more loaded with a little heavy material, it is really hard to say ~ hi big general is now wide shoulder strap popular, the problem solved.

And all kinds of clothing with the up, are very obvious kate spade bags tone. A touch of metallic luster and solid color Baoshen together, cool flashing eyes. Compact and kate spade outlet online simple clamshell design, convenient and beautiful. In the top of the clamshell there is a metal chain, when the bb need to participate in some party activities, kate spade handbags you can remove the wide shoulder strap, pull the metal chain, as a handbag to use. Will be a wide shoulder strap bag shoulder with the benefits of diagonal, the biggest advantage is still soothing shoulder pressure. But personally think that the shoulder strap is really the beauty of the wide shoulder strap fully displayed, as if all the time saying "look at me, look at me." Too thoroughly boho we dare not control, unless to the festival, the bag kate spade purses is generally simple and elegant, smooth polished after both the gloss or texture are superior. Coupled with this 5cm wide wide shoulder strap, cool, and very casual!

Bags can be diagonal, shoulder and portable. With casual, neutral or girl wind is a color, do not pick the style, a good control

The front seems to focus on the wide shoulder strap above, do not forget today also said about the packet. The small package, the biggest advantage in addition to the back of the shoulder can also be taken in the hands of concave shape. As the clutch is called concave molding weapon, then the wide shoulder strap to abandon the practicality, it is completely "reduced" for the existence of a decorative.